Lemurian Shamanism School

Pleiadian Teachings for the New Consciousness

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The Lemurian School of Shamanism and the Shamanic Teaching Wheel

What is it?

The Lemurian School of Shamanism and the Shamanic Teaching Wheel are for women who are ready to dedicate time, energy and responsibility to their own future and the future of a spiritual humanity. We are at a unique time in history where our inter-connectedness is creating a global consciousness shift - the ascension consciousness. We can be both human and divine in our thoughts, words, way of living, and our connection to our community.

The Shamanic Teaching Wheel is a tool for remembering your Akash as a ShaWoman of Lemuria and to live it today - the practical wisdom of Shamanic teachings. Each part of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel, the spokes, the hub and the rim are studied in depth, as well as the inter-relationships between them and Pleiadian Star Mothers, the original teachers.

For the detailed background introduction of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel please refer to the opening article on my website, amberwolfphd.com/the-shamanic-teaching-wheel

Who is it for?

Are you ready to discover your place in the tribe of humanity as a ShaWoman? The Shamanic Teaching Wheel is a graduate level study of the teachings of the Pleiadian Star Mothers, brought through Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf and guided by Kryon/Lee Carroll. Revealed by her Akashic remembering’s, Mele’ha has manifested the Shamanic Teaching Wheel for women today. She continues to receive the teachings, guidance and instructions from the Pleiadian Star Mothers and Kryon as this potential for the new human woman unfolds.

How can we join?

Be sure you are ready to take-on this commitment to yourself and your community. As a Woman of Lemuria, you come from the lineage of the Pleiadian Star Mothers. Our souls were called into being for an intensive creation of the New Humanity. In Lemuria, the women students in the Shamanism School were supported by the community for their dedication to the rigors of this path. In modern times, we are creating our own networks of support through forward-looking social media families. You will continue to be encouraged, supported and guided through this training period.

You can access our teaching site at www.lemurian-shamanism-school.teachable.com.

Course structure for Shamanic Teaching Wheel is as follows:

There are three Levels. Each Level contains three Modules. Each Module contains three Classes. There are a total of nine Classes in each Level. You can purchase one Module at a time or the entire Level at once for a discount.

You must complete all the Modules and an exam via email before you can advance to the next Level.

Level II Courses are available to all Level I graduates, then Level II graduates can move on to Level III. Level III graduates have access to Level I and II. Each Level includes videos and PDF teaching tools for you to print.

Before graduating from each Level and advancing to the next, there will be a written ‘exam’ to establish proficiency of the material studied and the student’s grasp of the concepts presented. This will include demonstrated experience of real-life instances. It is fully acknowledged that each woman is unique and her capacity for understanding through her own perception is encouraged and celebrated.

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If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please direct then to [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you!